Spade Sonic Cleanser & Massager
Color: Blue

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Why You'll Love It

Value: $100
Size: 1 ct, Full Size
Product Type: Cleansing Brush
What It Does: Cleanse, massage, and infuse your favorite skincare products into your face daily with this cute, pink device. It features soft silicone bristles on one side for cleansing and waves on the back for massaging and infusing, so you’re sure to get a deep clean every time. With more than 12,000 vibrations per minute, multiple speeds, an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort and a perfectly angled head to reach every contour of your face, this device will have you raving about to everyone you know.
How to Use It: To cleanse your skin, start by removing your makeup, dampening your skin, and applying your favorite cleanser to your face or directly onto the device. Turn the device on and begin cleansing by moving it in a circular motion around your entire face, then rinse and pat dry.
About the Brand: POP SONIC’s mission is to create cool, sleek, colorful, fun, AND affordable products.