Facial Roller
Color: Stainless Steel

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Why You'll Love It

Thick Skin Serum
Manufactured using proprietary biofermentation techniques, Thick Skin is comprised of plant-derived glycoceramides and sphingolipids, functional ingredients that restore, replenish and restructure the lipid barrier within the stratum corneum. Additionally, Thick Skin is infused with vegan squalane, which mimics natural sebum, deeply nourishing and replenishing the skin while protecting against transepidermal water loss

Restores critical moisture balance 
Replenishes lipids that are lost due to aging, lifestyle and the elements
Helps the skin maintain moisture 
Highly emollient and slick, ideal for gua sha and roller facial massage
Fragrance and alcohol free

Facial Roller | Stainless Steel
Introducing the 2-in-1 BEAUTY ROLLER! Inspired by facial massage in Chinese beauty but with a lil update! Comes with a travel pouch for your convenience.

-Anti-bacterial - As opposed to jade and rose quartz, stainless steel is non-porous, which prevents bacteria build-up that can transfer to your skin 
-Self-cooling - Naturally cold to the touch, you don't even need to put it in the freezer
-Eco-friendly - Our tools are made with recycled material and are 100% recyclable, and our beautiful packaging is made with recycled cardboard
-Durable - Jade and rose quartz rollers easily break if dropped but these tools will last forever

-Helps repair skin by increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery
-Reduces inflammation caused by irritating products
-Gently moves stagnant fluids collected from laying horizontally during sleep
-Depuffs your face for a brightened complexion
Use as part of your cleansing routine or after you’ve applied toner/serum. Start from the center of your face and roll outwards to push stagnant lymph away from the face. Use the bigger side for jaw/forehead/cheeks and the smaller side for eyes/brows. Use for 2 minutes every morning! 
Handle: Stainless Steel, Rollers: Stainless Steel, Pouch: Suede