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6 Nail Trends You Must Try in 2024—Tints and Ballerina Core Inspo Included!

Photo by Amys.clients/Instagram

Of all the beauty trends out there, reporting on nail trends is one of our favorites. Between collecting nail inspiration photos all across Instagram and Pinterest to being a slick detective zooming into Hailey Bieber’s latest paparazzi photos, you can count on us to be in the know for which polish to choose.

2023 nail trends were largely dominated by cutesy charms, press-on nails, and, of course, the glazed donut nail trend. It was the year where everyone learned about chrome nails and how to ask for it at the salon (chrome or metallic powder!). But will 2024 be much of the same? Yes and no. We definitely expect to see some trends carrying over into the new year, but we also have some new manicures you’ll definitely want to try. From ballerina core–inspired to tinted and glowy nails, this year is all about minimalist designs and bringing back the basics of nail care. Don’t worry—we threw a maximalist design in there for all you nail art girls.

1. Squared Up

For a new twist on color blocking, how cute are these? These will beg for a second glance at anyone whose eye they catch. You can play with so many different colors and this is an easy manicure to DIY if you have a striping brush or two. Pro tip: Paint your entire nail the base color nail polish first. Then add your smaller square in the accent color. It doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical. It might even look cool if all the squares are slightly different sizes.

2. Ballerina Bows

Two things that definitely won’t be going away this year: ballerina-inspired trends and bows. Both of them go hand in hand, and we saw tons of displays of these nail designs during New York Fashion Week this past fall. Just check out these amazing bows made into a complete luxe hair look. Channel this trend via your manicure by using subtle baby pinks, micro french tips, rhinestones, and of course, don’t forget a bow or two.

3. Mancala Gems

Doesn’t this remind you of the mancala game? You know, the one with all the colorful gemstones? We’re huge fans of mixing up your manicures with multiple colors and this one uses cat-eye gel to get that extra dimension. Don’t be afraid to choose a family of colors that might not go together at first glance. You might just end up with a super cool mancala manicure like this one. We might even try this in pastel colors once the spring comes.

4. Kawaii Inspired

Kawaii is actually a Japanese word meaning “cute” and “appealing in an endearing way.” You might be familiar with Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll, both of which pop up in nail art quite often. When you see these kitschy, colorful manicures that include 3D gel and charms, chances are they were done at a Japanese salon. References are always helpful, and if you want something similar, there are plenty of images to scroll through if you search “Kawaii-inspired manicure.” They’re super trendy right now for gel nail manicures.

5. Tinted Nails

Nail health, nude nails, natural nails, and naked nails will be huge trends this year. We wouldn’t be surprised if we see the “it girl” nails trending sometime soon boasting clean, natural nails with that perfect clear polished sheen on them. Something we’ve been loving? Nail tints. They’re cropping up everyone! Think of them like skincare but for your nails. Not only do nail tint products add a gorgeous tint to your nails, but they also deliver them much-needed vitamins to condition and strengthen to help you achieve your best nails yet. These make for a great invisible french manicure base too. You don’t even need a top coat.

6. Chocolate Brown Nails

Latte nails are seemingly taking over the internet this fall. Something we don’t anticipate going away are those deep chocolate brown nail colors. They’re rich and perfect for the girl who loves all things neutral. We might even seen some chocolate glazed donut nails like these!

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Article Last Updated November 28, 2023 12:00 AM