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50 New Year's Eve Makeup Looks You Can Definitely DIY


The countdown to a new year has begun and we’re more than ready to hit refresh on our looks with some shimmerynew eye makeup looks. And what better place to start than the most glam night of the season—aka. New Year’s Eve? Whether you’re hitting the town decked out in sequins or gearing up for a cozy night in with skincare and movies, we’ve got all the New Year's Eve makeup ideas you need to light you up like a disco ball.

So, fire up TikTok and YouTube for the makeup tutorials and take inspo from these 50 dazzling makeup looks. Continue reading for a list of makeup ideas (confetti! metallics! pearls!) that will guarantee you start the next 365 days in style.

1. Disco Blue

While we love lighting up in silver and gold on New Year’s Eve, it’s also the perfect night to go all-out with bright, bold colors. This wash of aqua blue eyeshadow will have you stunning from the midnight toast, to the next-day brunch. The best part? It brings out drama, but it’s totally drama-free to create. Just choose a bright blue eyeshadow like NOMAD COSMETICS Eyeshadow in Blue Lagoon and use your finger to dab it onto your lids. Then, take an eyeshadow brush (we love: LOVE+CRAFT+BEAUTY Blending Eye Brush for packing on color with minimal fallout) and blend it onto your inner eye corners, up into your eye crease, and onto the outer corners of your lids. Precision isn’t key for this look—concentrating color away from the center of your eyelids will give it a slightly abstract effect that’s so fresh and fun. Keep the focus on your eyes with a soft and subdued peachy-pink lipstick or your go-to nude.

2. Super Smoky Wings

Smoky eyes on New Year’s Eve? We know, groundbreaking. But when you add champagne shimmer and elongated wings to the look, it becomes next-level gorgeous. To keep our wings symmetrical and even, we rely on one fool-proof tool: clear tape. Apply it at an upward angle at the outer corners of each eye. Then, apply charcoal or black eyeshadow and blend to your heart’s desire. Once you remove the tape, you’ll have perfectly even and razor-sharp wings. Line your lower and upper lash lines with dark black eyeliner (like the Fuerte shade in this TRÉSLUCE Intenso Eyeliner Duo in Fuerte + Honest) and then smudge it out using an angled eyeliner brush. Top it all with champagne eyeshadow and lots of mascara.

3. Chunky Glitter Lids

Fact: We can’t get enough glitter—on our eyes, in our hair, everywhere. Chunky glitter gives us all the celebratory, festive feels during the holidays, so you can guarantee we’re reaching for some come New Year’s Eve. This beautiful, midnight blue eyeshadow topped with glitter is like a party on your lids. And the best part? It works with almost any color you can think of—silver on black, rose gold on red—the sky’s the limit. For this look, take a creamy, dark blue eyeshadow and blend it all over your lids. Then, use a stiff eyeshadow brush to pack chunky glitter flecks right on top. Not into glitter? A sparkling eyeshadow like “Quarkle” in WE ARE FLUIDE’s Otherworldly Palette will do the trick.

4. Bright Confetti Underliner

We think it’s time to celebrate you—and what better way than with a burst of confetti? If you’re used to playing it safe with silver and gold, swap in something unexpected like this bright orange Passion shade from the TRÉSLUCE BEAUTY Vibrant Sol Eyeshadow Quad. Then, apply a light layer of eyelash glue beneath your lower lash line. Use an eyeshadow brush or nail dotting tool to apply individual pieces of confetti along the glue line, and let it dry. Add more jewel pieces to your outer eye corners, brow bone, cheekbones, or anywhere you want to add fun pops of color.

5. Monochromatic Rose

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Our hopes for you for 2023: You’re staying hydrated, your skin’s glowing, and everything’s coming up roses. Channel your best year yet with this rosy-inspired makeup look that’s as soft and romantic as it is glam and bold. Rosy-pink is one of our favorite shades because of its versatility. It’ll take you from day to night and from work to party effortlessly. To create this look, blend rose-gold eyeshadow all over your lids and then apply a gold glittery eyeshadow close to your lash line (@candylover89 here used IBY BEAUTY Carry On Eyeshadow Duo in Auberge + Bon Voyage and topped it with IL MAKIAGE Color Boss Squad Multidimensional Eye Color Quad in Make Moves). For extra luminosity, apply a cream eyeliner like TRÉSLUCE Intenso Eyeliner in Tranquila to your inner eye corners, and use it to line your lower lash line. Dab some onto your nose and cheekbones for a quick and easy highlight.

To complete your rose-toned look, apply the COMPLEX CULTURE Nourishing Blush Palette Duo in Blissed Out & Flustered to your cheeks and blend upward towards your ears (bonus: this gives your cheeks a lifted effect). Then, swipe on a rosy-pink or mauve lip color like the REALHER Moisturizing Lipstick in Girl Power.

6. Multicolor Metals

There’s so much to love about this colorful New Year’s Eve makeup look. First, metallics are on trend now (and always, tbh), and the way they catch the light and reflect it back on you is nothing short of dazzling. Make it DIY with any colors in your kit—the pastels are so fresh, fun, and versatile. Apply your go-to metallic eyeshadows next to one another on each lid (we love the CIATE LONDON Marbled Metals in Entwine) and blend up towards your brow bone.

A killer highlight is key to acing this all-over glow. Use the GLAMLITE S’mores Highlight and Contour Palette along the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones, chin, temples, and brow bones. Then, add a coat of high-shine gloss over your favorite neutral lipstick. You’ll be gleaming in no time.

7. Black Glitter Lids

Feel like channeling ‘70s-era glam for dancing under the mirror ball? We stan. This bold, graphic shimmer eye is the perfect party-ready look to pair with everything—from your LBD, to your comfiest jeans. Use a black eyeliner pencil (we love the DRAGUN BEAUTY DragunWing Eyeliner in Blackout) to sketch a line from your inner eye corner to above your eye crease, then wing it out and up at the ends. Once you’ve got your wings down, trace over the liner for a bold, graphic effect. Fill it all in with a shimmery gunmetal eyeshadow, or use your eyeliner pencil and top it all off with a black shimmer shadow. A soft pink or bubblegum pink lip gives it all flirty, far-out vibes.

8. Gilded Neutrals

A subtle touch of creamy gold paired with neutral cheeks and rich lips proves that not all New Year’s Eve makeup looks require bling. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to sweep gold eyeshadow onto lids and blend like crazy to create a sheer wash of color. Sweep bronzer like one from BASIC BEAUTY’s Bronzy AF Palette onto your cheekbones and anywhere you want to glow. Then, finish with a coat of a rich brown lipstick like the UOMA BEAUTY Badass Icon Matte Lipstick in Tracy.

9. Stunning Silver Dots

If you love all things sparkle like we do, this studded silver eye look is for you. Think of it as jewelry but for your lids. You can use stick-on rhinestones to create this look, or try a silver liquid eyeliner. First, use a back eyeliner pencil to sketch out dots where you want them, then go over them with silver, gold, and ruby red (or any color you want!) for a gorgeous, 1920s flapper-inspired style. Pair it all with your favorite accessories and you’re guaranteed to outshine the rest.

10. Wine-Stained Lips

There’s nothing more romantic for New Year’s Eve than this blurred-out, wine-stained lip made perfect for that midnight kiss. Not only is it easy to touch up when you’re on-the-go, it requires less precision and upkeep to pull off compared to its bright red counterpart. To create it with (almost) any berry-hued lipstick in your kit, swipe a good amount of lip balm onto your hand, then swipe lipstick right over it. Use your finger to mix the colors together for a slightly sheer stain. Take your finger and dab it onto your lips to build up color for a smudgy, stained look.

Swap gold eyeshadow for one with a soft, yellow hue. Then, blend any leftover lip color onto your cheeks using your fingers for a just-came-in-from-the-cold flush. The result? A low-maintenance look that’s still totally eye-catching.

11. Silver and White Wings

Flip your usual black wings for this white-hot version that’s as fresh as snow. First, apply a neutral eyeshadow all over your lids as a base. The Vibrant shade from the TRÉSLUCE BEAUTY Vibrant Sol Eyeshadow Quad is perfect. Go in with a slightly darker shade and apply it onto (and just above) your eye crease for dimension. Then, take a white eyeliner like the TRÉSLUCE BEAUTY Intenso Eyeliner in Icy and start drawing your wing from the center of your lid outward toward the end of your brow. Finish with a coat of mascara for full, long lashes and you’ve got a gorgeous eyeshadow look that you’ll love well after December 31st.

12. Starry Eyes

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We’ve got stars in our eyes for this twinkling look. You can easily create it with tiny rhinestones from your local craft store and a little bit of eyelash glue. Apply it along your upper lash line, then add one (or many) to the center of your lower lash line, and onto your eyeliner wing. Finish with two coats of mascara (like the TARTE surfer curl™ volumizing mascara) and keep the rest of your makeup neutral and glowy so your eyes can do the talking.

13. Cosmic Magic

Ring in the New Year with gorgeous, out-of-this-world eye makeup that’s as creative and sparkly as you are. To recreate this cosmic magic, start with an eyeshadow palette that’s packed with shimmery glitter and metallic finishes, like the NOMAD COSMETICS Berlin Underground Intense Eyeshadow Palette. The eyeshadow shades are packed with rich pigments and blend together so well, you can easily layer these shades without needing to watch a makeup tutorial. Start with a warm pink shade like Tacheles, then blend from your upper lash line to your brow bone. Add a gold shimmer, like Hansa or Chaostage in the crease of your eye to create dimension and depth.

The secret to elevating this intergalactic look is a trusty highlighter stick, like the TRÈSTIQUE All Over Starlighter Powder Stick in Ultra Violet. Use your fingers to tap on shimmer just under your brow bone and in the corner of your eyes. Complete your nebula-inspired look with a deep brown eyeliner like TRÉSLUCE BEAUTY Intenso Liner in Grounded.

14. Dewy Skin & Red Lips

Create a dewy twist on a classic makeup look with this New Year’s Eve makeup style, which takes soft, natural colors and amps them up with an eye-catching shine. Since NYE is a marathon of a celebration, you’ll want to opt for an eyeshadow that lasts as long as you can. The HUDA BEAUTY Haze Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Khaki is so easy to apply, and offers longwear color that will stay put way after your late-night pizza run.

Finish with a high-shine red lippie for a bombshell effect. Apply your favorite matte-red lipstick like the IL MAKIAGE Dirty Talk Matte Lip Color in Bella and top it with a clear gloss, or go in with a brightly-colored lip gloss for big shine that will stay on, no matter how many sips of champagne you throw back.

15. Gold Glitter

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When it comes to New Year’s Eve makeup, where would we be without glitter? To nail this look, you’ll want an eyeshadow primer with major binding power and an oil-resistant formula, like the M2Ü NYC Eye Primer. Tap a small amount over your lids and then top off with an even layer of the most glittery gold eyeshadow in your kit. If you’re looking to take your sparkle to the next level, you can also dab some on as a highlighter.

Don’t let mascara flakes rain on your glitter parade. Grab a long-lasting formula that maximizes the curl of your lashes, like the TARTE surfer curl™ volumizing mascara, for full, voluminous eyelashes in just one coat.

16. Gilded Smoky Eyes

Don't be fooled: this gorgeous smoky eye only looks like it took a whole team of professional makeup artists to create. In reality, it just takes a few playful twists on the classic smoky eye. A bright gold shadow, like the ARTIST COUTURE Diamond Lights Finisher in Golden Hour, has a water-like finish that’ll make you light up the room. Swipe it all over your lids, then blend an eyeshadow a few shades darker than your natural skin tone into your eye crease and along your lower lash line. Top it all off with sharp winged eyelinerfalse lashes are optional.

17. Euphoria-Inspired Glitter

We’re all about glittery red lips, but when we saw this deep-blue version, we couldn’t look away. If you’re planning on going all-out this NYE, this look is sure to turn heads while you dance the night away. To create the glitter lip, use a deep-blue lip liner (you can also use the BELLAPIERRE COSMETICS Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Blue), then follow up with a deep-blue lipstick. Blot your lips a few times with a tissue, then apply another coat to help your lipstick last longer. Grab a lip brush and squeeze a small amount of lip primer onto the bristles. Then, dip the brush into loose blue glitter and pat it onto your lips, building up the consistency until you reach the desired effect.

18. Purple Rain

Orange and purple aren’t the most common color combo, but NYE is all about stepping out of your comfort zone. Try taking a monochromatic, bright-toned eyeshadow palette, like WE ARE FLUIDE Otherworldly Palette, and prepare for lots of blending. After applying your favorite eyeshadow primer to your lids, reach for a plum shade and swipe over your eyelids and up to your brow bone. To add dimension, dab a pinkish shimmer like Quarkle in the corners of your eyes and blend shades like Blood Moon and Mercurial into your crease using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Top with fake lashes and a glossy nude lip to complete this look.

19. Gleaming Bronze

For a more subtle approach to shimmer, swap glitter for bronze. We love the soft natural radiance of this look. To create it, use a long-lasting brown eyeliner like the TRÉSLUCE BEAUTY Intenso Eyeliner in Honest and smudge it along your upper and lower lash lines. Extend the gorgeous gleam to your cheeks with your favorite bronzer and add a pop of light with a warm highlighter, like the NOMAD COSMETICS Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun.

20. Golden Cupid’s Bow

Close-up of a beautiful woman rocking a neutral face makeup paired with glossy bright red lips and golden Cupid's bow

Nothing says New Year's Eve makeup like a bold, glossy lip. Factor in a subtle gold overline, and you've got a unique look to ring in the New Year with style. You'll want to keep the focus on your lip color for this look, so keep your eyeshadow and face makeup neutral. Start by applying a classic red lipstick (like the BELLE EN ARGENT Auteur Crème Lip Color in Click Your Heels) inside of your natural lip line. Use your finger to lightly blend the edge of the gold overline into the edge of your lipstick. For the subtle gold Cupid's bow, use a gold gel eyeliner and line just above your natural lip line so it just peeks out from your lip color. Then, finish with a clear lip gloss.

21. All Decked in Pearls

The glimmering glitter and pearl accents in this muted-disco makeup look have veered straight off the runway and into your New Year’s Eve plans. Rather than sticking to one glitter eyeshadow, layer your favorite glitter eyeshadows on top of each other for a unique and extra-textured effect by adding multiple glitter sizes and colors together like the holographic moons shown here. Finish the look by applying a pearlescent highlighter like the ESTATE COSMETICS Dew Me Baked Highlighter in Pearl and adhere a tiny pearl using an extra-strength lash glue.

22. Ruby Red Everything

There’s no need to save your favorite pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day. Spread some love with a bold red cat-eye, rosy blush, and rouge-y lip color. To achieve this shimmery red-winged eyeliner look, use a red liquid eyeshadow like the ESTATE COSMETICS Eye Shade in Smash. The purple undertones of this shade add warmth, while the glittery red chrome brings on the glam. Apply with an angled eyeliner brush, creating a gently swooping line along your upper lash line and extending out to the edge of your eyebrows. Keep the warmth going with a red lipstick and a bright blush that offers a hint of shine, like the COMPLEX CULTURE Good Glow Blush Single in Spiced Up.

23. Tropical Holiday

Whether you’re headed to the beach for NYE or simply dreaming of tropical weather and piña coladas, liven up the night with a bright, vibrant color (like the orange in the HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Topaz). Sweep it across your entire lid and use an eyeshadow brush to blend it in with a golden-yellow shadow. Apply an inky-black liquid eyeliner to your top lash line and top off with a sheer lipstick to keep the focus on your radiant eye makeup.

24. Stroke of Midnight

Close-up of beautiful woman rocking a bold eyeliner makeup look paired with red lips

There's a reason a black cat-eye and bold red lips remain makeup staples throughout all trend cycles: they're bold, beautiful, and effortlessly glam. Subtle glitter and a thick wing adds a modern twist to a classic look that's never out of style. To make sure this look lasts the whole night, pick a long-wearing eyeliner like the DRAGUN BEAUTY DragunWing Liquid Eyeliner in Blackout and wing it out as much or as little as you'd like. Set the eyeliner with a sparkly charcoal eyeshadow, and finish with a few coats of mascara. Use a dark-wine lip color like the MORPHE Mega Matte Lipstick in Dominate or Morphe to complete your vintage glam vibe.

25. Ice Queen Eyes

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It’s still frosty out during New Year’s Eve, right? Embrace the cold and your inner ice queen by rocking this look that only chooses baby blues and mint greens. Start with an eyeshadow primer, like BENEFIT COSMETICS Stay Don’t Stray Primer, to keep the look locked in place. Then pick up a multi-color palette with cool tones. The best part of this look is that you can make it a little messy! Just use a blending brush to sweep everything out.

26. Dusted Corners

Want just a hint of sparkle but don’t want your entire eyeballs covered in glitter? Highlight the corners of your eyes with an eye-safe highlighter. Liquid highlighters will work best to get the maximum amount of shine. We love the ABOUT-FACE Light Lock Liquid Highlighter for this look. Just dab a tiny amount in the corners of your eyes and on your cheeks after you do your eyeshadow.

27. Mermaid Siren Eyes

You’ve heard of achieving the siren eyes, but what about leveling it up a bit and adding some color? The key to achieving this look is to keep the eyeliner and shadows arched at an angle. You can place tape on your eyes to achieve that sharp line and then wing it up the way Instagram user @makeupbyshaunte did. Try the E.L.F. COSMETICS Liquid Glitter Shadow for this look. Slather on a silver base and draw lines with the blue shade.

28. Glitter Bar

Instead of slathering your whole eye with glitter, make a brilliant statement by adding bold lines. You can achieve this look in a few different ways. Draw a line of glitter glue with an eyeliner brush and dust loose pigment glitter on top, or pick up a gold glitter eyeliner. We love URBAN DECAY’s Heavy Metal Glitter Liner for this look.

29. Sharper Image Eyeshadow

With either tape or concealer, draw sharp edges with your shadow look. Think of it as blended-out eyeliner with a sharp edge. To create contrast, keep the darker shades on the outer corners of the eye. Blend out a neutral color all over the lid and layer on a darker color around the outer edge and down under the waterline. You can’t go wrong with this eye-popping look.

30. White Liner Pop

The easiest way to make eyes appear bigger is to utilize white eyeliner. Draw it on the waterline and let it leak out of the eye into the inner corners. You can outline with black eyeliner to really make it pop. For this look, we love all NYX everything. Try the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Slim Eye Pencil in white.

31. Blue Waterline

If you want just a subtle pop of color, do your makeup as you normally would and add blue pencil eyeliner to the bottom lash line. It’s an easy way to do something a bit different without feeling like you went overboard with a makeup look. Plus, there’s no skill required to achieve this look, which is always a win in our book. Try the ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Liner Pencil for this look.

32. Glitter Bombed

New Year’s Eve is the time to shine bright like a diamond, baby. If you’ve been itching to use that new highlighter you bought that always looks too intense for a regular day, bust it out now! For this look, concentrate your highlighter on the outer edges of your face. Think cheeks, to the side of the eye and above the eyebrows towards the hairline. If you want to keep up the glitter theme, dust some loose glitter on top. If you want to pull it down to your neck and collar bones, go for it!

33. Glitter Freckles

Faux freckles are having a moment, so why not level them up a bit and go with full-on glitter freckles? Apply glitter glue where you want these freckles and individually place them. Tweezers will definitely help you achieve this look.

34. Glossy Lids

Glossy lids are trending, and with products like the ABOUT-FACE Vinyl Effect eye gloss, it’s easier than ever to achieve them from home. It’s the perfect non-sticky, high-shine gloss that you can use on your eyes or all over your face!

35. Silver Glitter

Cover your entire eyelids in silver glitter and BAM! You have an NYE-ready makeup look that will get you all the compliments. It couldn’t be easier to achieve the look—just make sure you start with a good eyelid primer or glitter glue, such as the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Mini Eye Primer, to minimize fallout while you dance the night away. 

36. Glitter Eyeliner

Maybe you’re not ready for your entire eyelids to be dripping in glitter. That’s OK! Instead, take a skinny eyeliner brush and that same eyelid primer and dip into the glitter, applying it to your lash line. It can get a little messy, but that’s part of the fun. For a more precise look, reach for a liquid eyeliner that already has glitter in it.

37. Glitter Cut Crease

If you’re feeling like an MUA, try putting that same glitter line only in the crease of your eyelids. Keep the rest of the look natural with nude eyeshadow to ensure the line really stands out. You’re officially next-level. 

38. Jewel-Toned Eyes

Skip the glitter altogether and go for more jewel-toned eyeshadow looks that stand out just as much. We love using different shades across the lids and on the lower lash line. Somehow, it all comes together for a party-ready look that turns heads. Add false lashes and inky black eyeliner for even more drama. 

39. Red Inner Liner

With heavy black eyeliner, a pop of red on the lower lash line is a welcome surprise. It takes the makeup look from goth to goth-chic and brings it right into the holiday season. Be sure to add layers of mascara to ensure the red eyeliner really stands out. 

40. Highlighter Eyes

A pearlescent highlighter screams New Year’s Eve. Turn your entire look into one big shimmery highlight with a light wash of white shimmer across the lids and bold highlighter—like IBY BEAUTY Radiant Glow Highlighter—on the nose and the high points of the face. It might not seem like a lot of color but, it’ll end up being a kaleidoscope of fun.

41. Eye Gems

First, create a soft, shimmery eye makeup look with nude and tan shades. Then, take a white eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corners of the eyes to make your eyes pop. Finish up the look with our favorite addition: face gems! Use a little false lash glue to make sure they really stay put. 

42. Christmas Tree-Green

When everyone else is wearing gold and silver metallic eyeshadow, go bold with a green shade that resembles the color of a Christmas tree. You’ll be surprised at how flattering the hue is no matter your skin tone. Just keep the rest of the makeup pretty natural so the unexpected shadow color isn’t overwhelming. We love the green and neutral options in the F.A.R.A.H Eyeshadow Quad.

43. All the Neon

Bright orange, blue, and green may be unexpected New Year’s Eye makeup colors, but when applied together in a wash of color, the results are stunning. Take it to the next level with colored mascara on the bottom lashes. 

44. Major Lashes

Sometimes, the most glam look for a night out on the town is with big, bold, false eyelashes. Don’t be afraid to go for a full set that is longer and thicker than what you’d normally wear. It’s New Year’s Eve, after all! 

45. Doll Lashes

Speaking of false lashes, we love the doll lash look that’s been blowing up on TikTok as of late. Make it simple by applying volumizing mascara and then, with some tweezers, pinch the top of a few sections of lashes until you have three to four spikes. Super cute!

46. Finishing Line

When it comes to New Year’s Eve makeup looks, give us all the glitter—or in the case of this pastel lavender lid look, give us all the rhinestones. It might look intricate, but this NYE makeup is actually easy to recreate. Pick your favorite pastel shade, sweep it from lash line to brow bone, then top it off with a row of rhinestones from the craft store. Just use a tiny dot of lash glue and some tweezers to set them in place.

47. Iridescent Eyes

Looking for a more minimal way to get your shine on this New Year’s Eve, look no further than this iridescent eyeshadow. The color-shifting shade looks gorgeous on everyone, and it can easily be elevated by adding a thin line of colored eyeliner around your lash line (we love the hint of purple you see above).

48. Silver Smoke

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We’re completely obsessed with Kelly Rowland’s gunmetal smoky eye (created by makeup artist Keita Moore). Like your typical smoky eye, the gradient wash of color creates a beautiful eye shape with a ton of dimension, but thanks to the metallic silver color, it also catches the light in an understated way.

49. Giving Lip

Model Taylor Hill’s makeup (created by makeup artist Bobby Eliot) proves that when done right, a striking red lip is all you need. Eliot topped the look with a rosy cheek and no-makeup makeup eye that let’s the lip do all the talking.

50. Graphic Cat Eye

Winged liner is always a good idea, but if you want to level up your makeup look for New Year’s Eve, then we suggest a bold and graphic cat eye. It gives you all the same lifting, defining benefits of a winged liner but with a little more zhuzh. The best part? You can use the black liquid liner you already have to trace out the shape. 

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