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Alicia Keys Wants You to Make Soul-Care a Priority


At this point, we’re no stranger to the concepts of hair care, nail care, skincare (there’s also home care and air care). And we’re totally on board for self-care and actively try to fit self-care into our daily habits. Music icon (and your August 2022 IPSY Glam Bag X curator!) Alicia Keys takes self-care to the next level. Introducing soul-care.

Portrait of Alicia Keys with her back to the camera

What Is Soul-Care?

“Soul-care came from the idea that beauty is not just holistic and topical,” says Alicia. “It’s about changing the conversation of what it means to be beautiful and cultivating the vibe and the energy you want to stand in. It’s in how we approach our everyday habits: creating space for ourselves, being kind to ourselves, uplifting ourselves, and changing the intention behind our actions and how we speak to ourselves.”

When you take care of yourself—and your soul—you get an immediate and beautiful boost of confidence that seeps into your everyday life. Sounds amazing, right? But like any form of self-care, you need to make time for it to work. “You have to actually get into the habit of taking a little time for yourself,” says Alicia. “A lot of the time we schedule ourselves out of our lives. Everybody else has their time. The kids, the lovers, the work, everybody else has their time, but often we’re not on the schedule. To me, when you get in the habit of taking care of yourself, taking care of your skin, setting that time that is just yours, even just 10 minutes, gives you more confidence and helps you practice your own self-love and self-care.” Ready to fit a little soul-care into your life? Keep reading to see how Alicia practices soul-care using products from her Glam Bag X collection.

How Alicia Keys Practices Soul-Care

1. Setting Up Your Space

“When I want to really indulge, I start by lighting a soothing scented candle and repeat an affirmation that speaks to what I need for the day,” says Alicia. Not only does the affirmation help set up her mind for the day, but the scented candle is also just as powerful for creating a good mood. No time to light a candle? Mist your face with Alicia’s KEYS SOULCARE Reviving Aura Mist (MSRP $25). The rose-scented facial spray helps restore your skin and your chakras to a state of balance and alignment with a refreshing burst of hydration and a calming rose scent.

KEYS SOULCARE Reviving Aura Mist

2. Center Yourself

“When I have no time restrictions, I meditate and do stream-of-consciousness journaling where you just write exactly what you think and don’t edit yourself,” says Alicia. “I close with a few deep breaths, think about my mantra, and visualize how it’s going to manifest in the day. It’s a great time to center and hear myself, which is a super important practice.”


3. Wake Up Your Body

Next, Alicia focuses on her physical body: “Ahead of my morning shower or bath, I start with a dry brush to get my blood moving and to start my exfoliation. I lather up with body wash, then I finish with the KEYS SOULCARE Sacred Body Oil (MSRP $25). While I’m working the oil in, I remind myself that everything I do is an act of creation. This is one of my favorite mantras.”

KEYS SOULCARE Be Luminous Exfoliator

4. Turn Skincare Into a Ritual

“For me, rituals mark time,” she says. “They make everyday things or habits feel more special, like turning my skincare routine into a ritual. It feels more like a moment of personal ceremony where I am pouring into myself and really replenishing myself.” It helps that she is a self-proclaimed skin obsessee. “I love how the skin looks when it’s loved on. I’ve always had to keep after my skin diligently because it has always been so sensitive. You can get the foundation of your beauty ritual with skin care, and it helps with boosting your self-confidence and power.”

Alicia cleanses and exfoliates with the KEYS SOULCARE Be Luminous Exfoliator (MSRP $25), which transforms into a creamy, exfoliating foam when combined with water. Next she goes in with the KEYS SOULCARE Promise Facial Serum (MSRP $28), a lightweight, brightening serum with niacinamide, zinc PCA, and snow mushroom that helps control oil levels for a balanced, healthy-looking complexion. “Last, I finish with my moisturizer, the KEYS SOULCARE Skin Transformation Cream (MSRP $32), and recite the affirmation, ‘I welcome all circumstances as a catalyst for change.’”

Ready to go extra this August and try these soul-care practices for yourself? We got you! Be the first on the list to reserve your spot before we run out—Glam Bag x Alicia Keys quantities are limited. And for all your IPSY Glam Bag X news, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Twitter @IPSY.

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