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Everything You Need to Know About Chlorophyll-Infused Skincare

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It is time to discuss a secret to radiant, healthy skin guarded by Mother Nature herself. Welcome chlorophyll-infused skincare products, the green revolution your skin has been waiting for. Picture this: Your skincare routine meets the power of photosynthesis, and the result? Pure magic!

Chlorophyll, the green pigment that gives life to plants, has now taken the beauty world by storm, and we're here to spill the chloro-tea on why you should be adding these earthy wonders to your arsenal. From cleansers that feel like a refreshing sip of a green smoothie for your face to serums that leave your skin fresh and ultra-hydrated.

Ahead, we'll dive into the chlorophyll craze, exploring how this vibrant emerald elixir can transform your skincare game. So, get ready to embrace the green goddess within you because, with chlorophyll, your beauty routine is about to become an eco-friendly, skin-loving adventure.

About the Expert:
Jessica Bowers is an NYC-based celebrity esthetician.

What Is Chlorophyll?

Have you ever wondered why plants are so effortlessly green and gorgeous? Meet chlorophyll, the superstar behind their flawless exterior. Think of it as a plant's skincare secret.

Chlorophyll is like the plant's version of sunscreen, protecting it from the sun's harsh rays while turning sunlight into energy through photosynthesis. But here's the kicker: it can do wonders for your skin, too!

Rich in antioxidants, it detoxifies, fights free radicals, and promotes that enviable glow. So, if you're looking for a natural beauty boost, consider chlorophyll-infused products or sneak some leafy greens into your diet. Trust us, your skin will thank you, plus, you'll radiate that plant-powered charm.

How Does Chlorophyll Benefit the Skin?

You might be more familiar with chlorophyll as the green goodness in your spinach smoothie or maybe you make chlorophyll water using products like SAKARA Detox Water Drops, but did you know it's also a game-changer for your skin? Jessica Bowers, an NYC-based skincare expert, spills the chlorophyll-infused tea on how this natural gem can transform your skin's health and appearance:

  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: "Chlorophyll provides antioxidants, which fight free radicals that cause aging," says Bowers. These free radicals can wreak havoc on your skin, leading to premature aging. Chlorophyll does wonders for battling these troublemakers and keeping your skin youthful.

  • Bye-Bye Acne and Inflammation: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, chlorophyll is your best buddy in the fight against acne. Bowers affirms, "It reduces acne and inflammation." Incorporate chlorophyll into your skincare routine and say hello to clear, calmer skin.

  • Neutralizes Redness: Struggling with redness from acne-prone skin? Chlorophyll's green pigment is the ultimate ingredient to reach for, "neutralizing its appearance," says Bowers. Prepare to achieve a balanced, even-toned complexion of your dreams.

  • Vitamin-Rich Elixir: Chlorophyll is a vitamin-packed superstar, boasting vitamins A, C, E, and K. "These vitamins are important for cell regrowth and collagen production," explains Bowers. Translation: radiant, firm, and youthful skin is on the horizon.

Our Favorite Chlorophyll-Infused Skincare Products 

1. Best Chlorophyll-Infused Detoxifying Mask:

PERRICONE MD Chlorophyll Detox Mask

PERRICONE MD Chlorophyll Detox Mask
Courtesy of PERRICONE MD

Perricone MD's Chlorophyll Detox Mask is your ultimate solution for oily or combination skin. This transformative gel-to-clay pore face mask bursts with chlorophyll-enriched microcapsules, effectively detoxifying and rebalancing your skin while minimizing pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. "This is a great mask for combo or oily skin to detox it and brighten the skin's tone and texture," explains Bowers. Perricone MD's copper complex improves firmness and elasticity, while papaya enzyme visibly smooths and brightens, unveiling a revitalized complexion with a dewy radiance.

2. Best Chlorophyll-Infused Hydrating Gel:

SKINCEUTICALS Phyto Corrective Gel

SKINCEUTICALS Phyto Corrective Gel

 Here's your go-to solution for soothing and rejuvenating sensitive and acne-prone skin. This hydrating gel includes hyaluronic acid, cucumber, thyme, and chlorophyll goodness. "This cooling serum is suitable for all skin types to help reduce and neutralize redness in the skin," says Bowers. This exceptional serum is your ticket to a clear, fresh complexion, especially after procedures.

3. Best Chlorophyll-Infused Cleanser:

DR. BRANDT Clean Biotic pH-Balanced Yogurt Cleanser

DR. BRANDT Clean Biotic pH-Balanced Yogurt Cleanser

This gel-based cleanser effortlessly dissolves stubborn dirt, impurities, makeup, and excess oil while maintaining a healthy pH balance. Not stopping there, it also nurtures your skin's natural flora and reinforces its protective barrier. "I Love and recommend this cleanser to all skin types to cleanse the skin without stripping it. It's PH balanced and again brings down redness in the skin tone," explains Bowers.

4. Best Chlorophyll-Infused Acne Spot Treatment:

NATUROPATHICA Chlorophyll & Salicylic Acid Spot Treatment

NATUROPATHICA Chlorophyll & Salicylic Acid Spot Treatment

Get ready to bid those pesky blemishes goodbye with Naturopathica's Chlorophyll & Salicylic Acid Spot Treatment. This turbocharged spot treatment is your superhero against breakouts, armed with a speedy 2% salicylic acid formula that zaps existing blemishes and puts new ones on notice. But here's the twist – it's not just about banishing pimples! Chlorophyll steps in to add a dash of brightness to do away with those pesky acne scars, giving you a complexion that's not just clear but also glowing.

5. Best Chlorophyll-Infused Serum:



With its lightweight gel-like texture, this daily serum is a refreshing addition to your daily skincare routine. This potent elixir is a hydrating powerhouse formulated with vitamins and antioxidants that work magic to visibly brighten, replenish, and quench your skin's thirst. Perfect for all skin types, it's your go-to solution for combatting dullness, dryness, and dehydration.

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