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Halsey Proves Everyday Makeup Doesn’t Have to Be Boring—Here’s How She Creates Her Rule-Breaking Look


One word you’d never use to describe Halsey’s makeup: boring. The musical artist is known for switching up their look faster than you can say Ashley Frangipane (which is her real name, btw). “I have fallen in love with many types of expression,” says Halsey. “Music was my first love, but I wrote a book, created my makeup brand about-face, started working in film and TV, and have tattoos. That’s the best thing about makeup. It’s a bit more forgiving. You can experiment with something a little risky, and if it doesn’t work out, no sweat. You can take it off and start over.”

Even on the days they are just sporting a little sunscreen and concealer, you’ll always find an unexpected element to Halsey’s makeup. Her signature look: great skin, an epic glow, and a fun burst of color that lets her personality shine through. Want to know the formula for Halsey’s go-to glam? Keep scrolling to see how she created her IPSY campaign look using products from her limited-edition Glam Bag X collection.

Close-up of a smiling Halsey looking at herself in a compact mirror against floral background

1. Start With Hydration

Halsey knows that skin prep is a crucial step in any makeup look. “Moisturizing is super important, especially in California,” says Halsey. “Also I never forget to put on sunscreen. If you find the right one, it can make your skin look really dewy and fresh.” So before she even reached for a concealer, she worked a moisturizer all over her clean, dry skin. After giving it a minute to sink in, she layered on a sunscreen formulated for the face.

TATCHA The Silk Canvas Filter Finish Protective Primer

2. Touch Up Your Complexion

Their trick for the most natural, no-makeup makeup skin is to keep complexion products to a minimum. Halsey started with a blurring primer (she used TATCHA The Silk Canvas Filter Finish Protective Primer, MSRP $52), to make her skin look silky and smooth. And most days, that’s it. “I don’t usually wear foundation except for photoshoots and carpets,” she says. “In my everyday routine, I will just wear a little concealer to spot treat where I need it.”

Halsey applying ABOUT-FACE Light Lock Highlight Fluid on her cheek with a dropper

3. Load Up on Highlighter

“My favorite part of a makeup routine is highlighter,” says Halsey. “As a performer on stage, I always say if you can’t see my highlight from all the way up in the tippy top of the arena, then I didn’t do my makeup right.” She started with a liquid formula, like about-face Light Lock Highlight Fluid in Shaken or Stirred (MSRP $32), and tapped it onto her cheekbones, center of her chin, and Cupid’s bow using her fingers.

“I do a lot of controversial beauty tactics,” says Halsey. “One of them is nose highlight. Not everyone is in support of it, but I'm a huge fan. I always highlight down the bridge and tip of my nose. I even highlight the sides of my nostrils because the light reflection will draw my nose forward.” To boost the glow and ensure the longevity of her look, she topped the liquid highlighter with a powder version, like about-face Light Lock Powder Stars on Fire (MSRP $30). “That’s what’s so great about my about-face Light Lock collection, all the products work really well together.”

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4. Add a Pop of Color to the Lids

“I love a lavender eye,” says Halsey. “It’s one of the best colors to complement my hazel eyes. It’s also a really versatile color because it’s bright and fun, but it doesn’t look like you’re doing too much for an everyday look.” To get her pastel purple eye, they applied a lavender shade over the inner half of their eyelids using a fluffy shadow brush. She then went in with a mid-toned purple on the outer half, slightly overlapping the two colors in the center of her eyelids to blend.

“I like drawing my eyeshadow out into a little point that ends at the tail of my eyebrow, so there’s an almond shape across the lid,” says Halsey. “That’s my favorite shape when I’m doing an all over monochromatic look like this.” To finish off her eyeshadow, she popped a little bit of the shimmery pink into her inner corners. “If I didn’t get that much sleep and want to look a little more awake, this is my little trick.”

5. Channel Twiggy for Your Lashes

“One of the tricks that you learn when you are a musician and are on stage is that having black along your lash line is the perfect way to make your eyes pop,” says Halsey. “I have hooded eyelids, so I’ve been afraid of eyeliner for most of my life. For me, the best way to get definition is with a good mascara.” Which is where FENTY BEAUTY Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara (MSRP $24) comes in.

FENTY BEAUTY Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara

“It’s so dark and pigmented,” says Halsey. “It does a really good job of holding a curl but not weighing your lashes down.” To get the bold look, she spidered out her lashes in a clumped, Twiggy-inspired mod look over both her top and bottom lashes.

6. Layer Products for a Full Lip

“I’m super guilty of overlining,” says Halsey. They love a full mouth that requires nothing but a lip liner. Using CHARLOTTE TILBURY Lip Liner in Pillow Talk Medium, MSRP $22, they started on her top lip, overlining to match the size of her bottom lip and create a more symmetrical look. Pro trick: Smile with your mouth closed to slightly stretch the skin of your lips and make lining them so much easier.

Halsey applying lip product

“My lips are criminally dry, which can be a massive insecurity when you are someone whose job is about communication and language,” says Halsey, which is why they never skip a hydrating balm. “I love the RÓEN BEAUTY Kiss My Liquid Lip Balm in Charlie (MSRP $26) not only because it makes me feel confident aesthetically, but it also makes me confident internally because it has this minty flavor that makes me feel good about how my breath smells and makes me feel clean.”

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