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May’s Glam Bag Choice Products Are Blooming With Fresh Picks


As April’s showers subside,May’s Glam Bag curation comes into full bloom with five fresh deluxe beauty samples to get you as pretty as a daisy. Even better? You get to choose one of your items from May’s Glam Bag Choice lineup! So mark your calendars from 5/20 through 5/22 to pluck your favorite Choice product.

Curious about what was in our previous Glam Bags? Go check out our spoilers page to bask in the FOMO. Who knows—you might or might not get a chance to snag one of your faves as a future Choice pick! If you can’t wait to see next month’s Glam Bag, check out June’s Glam Bag Spoilers for a sneak peek. As for this month, you’re looking at everything you need to pamper the princess within—whether it’s a shadow palette to create your favorite pigmented eye looks, a skin-perfecting powder for a petal-fresh complexion, or even a bath-less hair essential to help you achieve your best hair day. Scroll down for May’s Glam Bag Choice rundown! 

Curious about what you might get next month, check out our June's Glam Bag Choice Spoilers.

May 2024 Glam Bag Choice Spoilers

Members who signed up for a Glam Bag in May might get to choose from these products:

1. REINA REBELDE Wet Dry Eye Color Sirena Palette

REINA REBELDE Wet Dry Eye Color Sirena Palette

Channel your inner mermaid with this versatile, seven-shade eyeshadow palette that helps you create siren eyes like no other. A mix of matte-finish neutral shades adds warmth and dimension to your crease, while shimmery shadows are perfect for highlighting.  Apply the shadows using a wet or dry brush to control the level of saturation you want to achieve.

2. TOYFACTORY® Hylash™ Hyaluronic Serum Mascara Mini

TOYFACTORY® Hylash™ Hyaluronic Serum Mascara Mini

When it comes to innovation, TOYFACTORY® does not play around. This mini mascara is out to change the lash game with its nourishing formula that triples as a hydration-boosting serum, primer, and mascara. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid to elevate your lash care to greater heights (and lengths and volumes too!).

3. DALLAS & JAMES SKINCARE CO. Watermelon Dream Cloud Cream

DALLAS & JAMES SKINCARE CO. Watermelon Dream Cloud Cream

Thirsty skin meets its match with this water-locking cream that applies like a gel and sinks in like a serum. We love its oil-free formula packed with antioxidants, including cloudberry to help fight free-radical damage. Not only does it combat visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, it also helps to even out skin tone and support a healthy skin barrier with niacinamide. Now that’s dreamy cream.



Plush, soft, and non-sticky perfection? That’s what we call a recipe for a pretty pout! This neutral lip gloss is softly tinted and highly glazed, making it ideal for everyday wear. 

5. DAZZLE ME SOS Hair Powder


Get ready to be dazzled by this oil-absorbing hair powder that gives on-the-go girlies and guys a way to extend their second-day hairstyles an extra day (or two)! Not only does this dry shampoo powder inject hair with volume and freshness, the finish leaves no visible residue and doesn’t clog your follicles with buildup. 

6. SOME BY MI Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Eye Cream

SOME BY MI Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Eye Cream

Mi, oh my–this eye cream’s ingredient list will make you do a triple take. Anti-aging superheroes like retinal, retinol, and panthenol help smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet, while niacinamide helps address and reduce the appearance of dark circles for a youthful and well-rested look. 

7. LUNA MAGIC Soft Perfection Foundation Powder

LUNA MAGIC Soft Perfection Foundation Powder

The closest thing you can get to a real-life face filter, this soft-focus and sheer-finish powder provides smooth and silky coverage without the heavy or cakey feeling. Vitamin E, cocoa butter, and shea butter help to nourish dry skin and enhance radiance, making it your secret weapon on no-makeup makeup days.

8. LAURENS SKINCARE Vanilla Almond Body Scrub

LAURENS SKINCARE Vanilla Almond Body Scrub

Get ready for your glow-up! This decadent body scrub helps to gently buff away dead and dull skin cells to reveal fresher and softer skin underneath. Aloe vera helps prevent irritation on sensitive skin while vitamin C brightens and reduces visible discoloration. Oh, and did we mention that the smell is heavenly? 

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Article Last Updated May 10, 2024 12:00 AM