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Say “Be Mine” to These 21 Valentine's Day Makeup Looks


Maybe it's the heart-shaped chocolate boxes filling the aisles or the pink-hued eyeshadow palettes hitting the makeup market, but we are feeling the Valentine's Day love in the air this year. This dreamy, heartwarming atmosphere doesn’t just make us want to curl up with a good rom-com—it makes us want to go all out with our makeup looks by embracing the bold, the soft, the romantic, and everything in between.

From classic red lips to luminous skin, from barely-there makeup to smoky eyeshadow looks, and from all-matte-everything to tons of shimmer, the possibilities for your Valentine’s Day makeup look in 2024 are endless. And whether your calendar is booked with a date with your S.O., a friends’ night out, or just some well-deserved “me time,” you can still treat yourself to something special with a Valentine’s Day makeup look that will win hearts and, most importantly, make you swoon over you.

Read on for 21 V-Day makeup looks you’re sure to fall for—and be sure to check out our Valentine’s Day hairstyles and Valentine’s Day nail art roundups for even more inspo!

1. Patent-Red Pout

Evoke that chic, statement-making Louboutin energy without the hefty price tag. This ultra-shiny lip look takes your classic red lip look to the next level, and it’s surprisingly easy to achieve. Apply your favorite red lip shade all over (right now we’re obsessed with the GXVE BEAUTY Original Me Clean High-Performance Matte Lipstick in Original Recipe), then slather on a high-shine lip gloss over top. The gloss can be pigmented or completely clear.

2. Subtle Smoky Eyes & Merlot Lips 

We can’t decide which we love more—this matte, reddish-black lipstick or the way the slightly shimmery, slightly smoky eye look balances everything out. While you might have to do a few more checks in the mirror during dinner (nothing kills the mood like lipstick on your teeth), we think this glam is well worth the extra effort. Pro tip: Regularly using a lip product like the KOA LIFE Vitamin C Lip Treatment will help keep your lips nourished and prepped to rock a dark lip look like this one.  

3. Line & Dine

Lined lips and warm, shimmery eyes take center stage in this simple yet memorable look. Grab a blending brush like the LUNA MAGIC Booked & Busy Eyeshadow Brush to diffuse an orange-toned eyeshadow in your crease and all the way up to your eyebrow. Then add a darker brown to the crease to sculpt around the eyes, and dust a golden shimmer across your lid to add dimension. For the lips, grab a dark-brown lip liner to define the outer rim of your pout, then ever-so-slightly blend toward the center. The result is effortless, edgy glam that will win hearts all year round.

4. Sweet Lavender

If the last few looks were too glam for your V-Day vibe, try this easy-breezy style instead. For the lips, all you need is an oil (like the ELOISE BEAUTY Ultra Glow Lip Oil in Ruby) to keep them hydrated and plump. Then grab a matte lavender eyeshadow and apply it all over your lids for a monochromatic eye that feels sweet, feminine, and fresh.

5. Balletcore Babe

Yes, we’re still obsessed with balletcore—and no, we don’t feel bad about it. From the dainty curls to the blown-out pink eyeshadow to the delicately defined eyebrows, this look is giving soft and sweet Valentine’s Day beauty. Don’t forget to add a wash of pink blush to the cheeks (you can apply the LOVE+CRAFT+BEAUTY Liquid Cosmic Blush in Mercury Moves with your fingers) and top it all off with a bow in your hair. 

6. Heart on the Line

What better way to say “I only have eyes for you” than putting adorable little hearts along your waterline? All you need to achieve this makeup look is a shimmer eyeshadow, a set of cat-eye falsies, and a waterproof liquid eyeliner. We recommend the CHULA Liquid Liner Duo so you have two options for color. To recreate this look, buff the eyeshadow over your eyelid then apply your liquid eyeliner, taking it all the way into your inner corner to form a V. Next, draw a small heart below the center of your waterline. Finish off by applying your lashes and adding optional bottom-lash mascara (but be sure to go light so you can see your artwork peeking through).

7. Polka-Dot Eyes

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A post shared by JO BAKER (@missjobaker)

If you’re new to gemstone eye makeup, this cute-meets-romantic look is sure to kick off your soon-to-be obsession. Celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker calls it “onyx polka dot gems” in her Instagram caption and it’s super easy to create. First layer on lots of lengthening mascara for that flirty, separated look. (We love BEAUTY FOR REAL Hi-Def Mascara in Just Black for long, Twiggy-esque lashes). Then, use eyelash glue and tweezers to adhere black dots on the center of your upper and lower lash lines and on the outer corners of your lids. Skip eyeshadow or choose a neutral tone so your polka dots take the spotlight—it’s that simple.

8. Dewy, Rosy Statement Blush

Makeup artist Nikki Wolf created this look that she calls “sunshine-inspired” for Yara Shahidi, and it’s making all of our dewy, glowy makeup dreams come true. Use a super creamy blush and mix it with a few dots of liquid or cream highlighter, then blend it onto your cheeks and up toward your temples (we love EVELYN IONA Cream Blush in Ash). Then focus the rest of your glow where the sunlight would hit your face by applying highlighter to your cheeks, temples, bridge of your nose, and Cupid’s bow. Finish off the look with fluttery lashes or a sleek cat eye. The result? You’re just like a sunbeam—gorgeous and unforgettable.

9. ’80s Love Song-Inspired

This ultra-glam look by celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta will make you wanna dance all night, whether that’s solo, with your besties, or with your current flame. The key to creating the '80s Baby look (as Ta calls it in his caption)? Like anything you’re passionate about, don’t hold back. Go for bold, bright red lipstick (matte so it’s on for the long haul), and pair it with an unexpected pink and purple smoky eye. Top your eyeshadow with a wash of shimmer and dust your cheeks with a pink-hued blush to pull it all together. Big hair is not necessary, but we highly recommend it for sheer fun factor. Love purple eyeshadow? Check out these 28 purple eye makeup looks.

10. Floral-Inspired Pink Shimmer

Love flowers or not, this petal-inspired look by celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes is one you’ll wear well beyond Valentine’s Day. To create it, reach for shimmer and only shimmer eyeshadow. Apply a silvery shadow to the inner corner of your eyes and blend up toward your brow bone and into your eye crease. Take a purple or pink shadow and blend onto the outer corners of your eyes toward the center. Finish with lots of mascara, and keep the floral vibes going with deep rose lip (we love the BOBBI BROWN Luxe Lip Color in Uber Rose).

11. Classic Nude Glow

Classic nude lips never go out of style—gloss them up and pair them with minimalist makeup and you’ve got the perfect “romantic glow,” as makeup artist Larisa Berinde calls it in her caption, for a last-minute night out or in. Just take your go-to nude lipstick (we love MELLOW COSMETICS Creamy Matte Lipstick in Chocolate or Nude) and top it with a sheer, ultra-shiny nude gloss. Blend a soft rosy-brown blush onto your cheeks, and add a hint of highlighter to your chin, nose, inner eye corners, and wherever you want some glow. It’s a pretty, yet impactful look that’ll let you shine through.

12. Purple And Pearls

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What’s more romantic than pearls? Not much. They make the perfect accent to any makeup look, and you can apply them basically anywhere. All you need is some eyelash glue and tiny pearls of varying sizes. Use an eyeliner pencil to map out spots where you want to apply, dab on the glue, then use tweezers or an orange stick to secure your pearls to your lids.

13. Winter Flush Blush

This flirty flush of blush across your cheeks and nose makes us want to cozy up by the fire with a comfy blanket, someone we love (pups count, too!), and our favorite flick. It’s also equally gorgeous for romantic walks, an ice-skating sesh—basically, all your Valentine’s Day adventures. The only thing you need is a rosy pink cream blush and a beauty sponge (the key to getting that naturally flushed effect). Apply blush to your cheeks as you normally would, but take it up onto and across your nose. Then use your damp sponge (we love the BEAUTYBLENDER Original BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge) to slightly sheer it out for a just-came-in-from-the-cold glow.

14. Bombshell Smoky Eyeliner

A smoky eye always makes our list of Valentine’s Day looks for sheer bombshell factor. Simone Ashley’s ash-brown lids rimmed in black kohl will guarantee all eyes are on you. Sweep an espresso or ash-brown eyeshadow across your lids, winging it up and out at the outer corner of your eye. Then, use a gel or soft pencil eyeliner in black (we love the L.O.C.K. COLOR Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner in Pearl Black) to line your upper and lower lash lines, also winging out at the outer corners of your eyes. Take a small damp brush to smudge it out for that sultry, smoky effect, finish with lots of mascara, and let the compliments roll in.

15. Luminous Lids & Satin Lips

If a beauty look could embody pure romance, this would be it. Ash Walker paired shimmery pastel blue wings with lips that look smooth as satin for an unexpected combo that feels like a mid-century love story. Use a pastel blue eyeliner pencil or a damp brush dipped in shadow to line your upper and lower lash lines. Then, wing it out at the corners and top it off with lots of mascara. To give your deep berry lips (we love the FINDING FERDINAND Lipstick in Very Berry) that pearly-satin finish, cover them with a piece of tissue paper and lightly dust a powder highlighter on top. Not only will this add subtle luminosity, it’ll give your lip color extra staying power through sips and smooches.

16. Bold, Romantic Red

This Valentine’s Day, take your classic red lip and make it bolder. We’re talking a bright, fire-engine-red that’ll turn heads wherever you go. Pair it with ultra-soft blush and a hint of bronzer, then take that bronzer up onto your lids and blend into your eye crease. Finish with mascara focused on the outer corners of your eyes for instant femme-fatale vibes. New to red? Check out our Best Red Lipsticks to Suit Every Skin Tone.

17. Gold Lids & Pink Lips

Makeup artist Delina Medhin always wins major points for creativity and color. This perfect date night makeup look features gold-washed lids that will twinkle under candlelight and a bright pink lip to keep all attention on you. All you need is a glimmering gold eyeshadow to sweep across your lids, thin lines of black eyeliner winged out at the corners of your lids, and a pop of rich pink lipstick to put you in the spotlight.

18. Soft Monochromatic Brown

There’s something so modern and romantic about choosing one color and dedicating an entire look to it. The best part? It takes the guesswork out of, well, everything, making it perfect for when your date’s dressed and ready and you’re far from it (check out 14 Easy Date Night Makeup Looks for some extra inspo). We love this cozy cocoa-brown shade for its warm, winter-y vibes. To simplify it even further, make your bronzer work double duty as your eyeshadow (or vice versa), and you’ll feel perfectly pulled together in no time. Pro tip: Don’t skimp on your skincare—this makeup look makes an even bigger statement when your skin looks flawless.

19. Cheeky Hearts

Love isn’t the only thing to express on Valentine’s Day. Show off your artsy side with this adorable, out-of-the-box blush look that’ll add instant fun to the most romantic day of the year. To create it, cut a small heart out of the sticky part of a Post-It and adhere it to your skin. Hold the non-sticky side down with your finger and blend your blush on over it, moving your finger as you go. Remove it and you’ve got cute little heart shapes in under five minutes.

20. Romantic Pastel Blue

A little bit ’90s, a lot soft romance—this pastel blue and soft pink combo by Katie Jane Hughes has us ready to binge ’90s rom-coms all evening. Reach for your favorite pastel blue eyeshadow and blend it all over your lids, up into your eye crease, and onto the inner corners of your eyes to highlight them. Focus eyeliner on the outer edges of your eyes, and wing it out. Then, use a small brush to smudge it slightly for a hazy effect. Add soft pink on your cheeks and lips, and you’re the main character in your own love story.

21. Dreamy Lavender Haze

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A post shared by JO BAKER (@missjobaker)

The equivalent of hearts and flowers in a beauty look? This gorgeous monochromatic lavender by Jo Baker that she describes as “dreamy lavender hues inspired by #violetbeauregarde meets #parmaviolets.” To create it, take a lavender or light purple eyeshadow (we love the HUDA BEAUTY Haze Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Purple) and apply it all over your lids, blending up toward your brow bone to create a sheer wash of color, then onto your lower lash line. Apply a pinky purple lipstick or lip gloss to your lips to match, and finish with lots of mascara on your upper and lower lashes

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