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Can Vaseline Make Your Eyebrows Thicker?

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Who doesn’t love fluffy, full, and thick eyebrows? I’ve you’ve been burned by the thin eyebrow trends from the 90s, we hear you! Many of us spent years of over-plucking never knowing we would regret it later on. The good news is, eyebrows grow fast! And now, there’s tons of resources for how we should be grooming our eyebrows in between waxing or threading appointments.

If you want to give a little boost to your brows and inspire healthy hair growth, you might have tried a brow growth serum, castor oil, or even coconut oil to condition and nourish those precious little brow hairs. But have you heard about using Vaseline for eyebrows?

While Vaseline doesn’t exactly aid in hair growth and thicker eyebrows on its own, it does deeply condition them and create a healthy environment for eyebrow growth. It’s clear after chatting through with an expert, this household staple turned beauty hack has many eyebrow benefits we didn’t know about. Read on for all you need to know about using Vaseline on your precious brows.

About the Expert:

Dani Kimiko Vincent is a celebrity makeup artist, brow expert, and founder of Kimiko. Dani often helps her clients by enhancing the shape of their existing brows while working on strategically growing back new hair in a way that best accentuates their entire facial structure.

What Is Vaseline, Exactly?

Vaseline, or often called petroleum jelly, is a budget friendly and household staple occlusive product. It’s often used to heal minor scrapes or burns by adding a protective layer, and it can help heal diaper rash too.

Of the many, many beauty benefits that this wonder ointment provides, It can serve as an intensive treatment for chapped or cracked lips, can prevent nail polish from staining skin and remove thick cream makeup applications.

However, the most known use for Vaseline in a beauty sense is the skincare routine hack called “slugging”. If you’re not familiar, check out this TikTok that explains it step by step. Basically, petrolatum is the best DIY and versatile product there is.

“While it doesn’t moisturize on its own, it does seal in existing hydration thus preventing trans-epidermal water loss. It’s a dermatologist favorite because it’s rare to have an allergic reaction to it,” says Dani.

Benefits for Using Vaseline for Eyebrows?

The main benefit of using vaseline on eyebrows is to give the appearance of thicker brows and a stylized effect, but there is no evidence to show that vaseline has any effect on actual hair growth,” says Dani.

She notes Vaseline can keep brow hair hydrated by locking in moisture, and it’s better overall described as a skin protectant when the elements are harsh (windy, cold or dry weather) or when skin is irritated.

  • Vaseline is extremely moisturizing and can keep eyebrow hairs soft.
  • If you have dry skin, Vaseline can heal the skin underneath your eyebrows and combat redness.
  • Vaseline is both fragrance-free and safe for the eye area, making it a great eyebrow conditioning option for even the most sensitive skin types.
  • It can help aid in the appearance of fuller eyebrows and give a brow gel stylized effect.
  • Vaseline keeps eyebrow hairs hydrated by locking in moisture, keeping the follicles healthy and preventing hair loss.

How to Use Vaseline for Eyebrows?

The best time to apply Vaseline to your eyebrows is during your nighttime skincare routine. All you need is a mascara wand (or spoolies) to help you apply it evenly to your eyebrow hairs.

You can buy them on Amazon for super cheap! Plus, they’re great for all sorts of eyebrow and eyelash needs. Brush up your eyebrow hairs like you’re applying an eyebrow gel. Super simple!

Is It Safe to Use?

Yes, Vaseline is safe to use on skin and there are no side effects to the product.

“It is safe for use around the eyes and many makeup artists keep vaseline or similar products in their kits for editorial looks, for example, a ‘wet’ brow or lash look,” says Dani.

If you do have more oily or acne prone skin, a product as occlusive as petroleum jelly can potentially clog your pores, so just be aware if that applies to your skin type.

Vaseline also doesn’t play well over makeup and color cosmetics. “Be aware that applying it over brow makeup like pencils will break down the product, and using it underneath a brow product will prevent it from staying on since you’ve created slip,” says Dani.

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Article Last Updated August 8, 2022 12:00 AM