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4 Stylish Ways to Wear a Headband


From jeweled hair clips to velvet scrunchies, the hair accessories we rocked in our elementary and middle school years are making a comeback. One of our favorite retro hairstyles that’s recently had a resurgence? The headband.

While headbands might seem old-fashioned, when updated with a 21st century twist, the accessory can look chic and flattering on any hair type today. Whether your vibe is Audrey Hepburn’s high ponytail and classic scarf headband combo or Gossip Girl’s preppy Blair Waldorf bow-tied band, there’s a headband style out there with your name on it.

Ready to bring back the headband for yourself? Keep scrolling for our top 4 easy and stylish ways to wear headbands.

An image of a model with a no-makeup makeup look wearing bold red earrings while touching her pearl-studded headband

Look 1: Chic Statement

Hair down with a middle part is the ultimate subtle yet confident hairstyle statement, and headbands only make it 10x more chic. This middle part and chunky headband combo is suitable for days when you want to look fun, flirty, and effortlessly put-together. All you have to do is brush your hair until it’s smooth and sleek (this F.A.R.A.H. Large Paddle Hair Brush is wide enough to detangle hair in a few passes), and then part it evenly down the middle. Choose a wide or thick headband or wrap (like this PINK PEWTER Maxine Head Wrap, which features a gorgeous gold embellishment) to place on top of your head so that your hairline is visible in front. Spray your hair with some smoothing spray for the finishing touch.

An image of a model wearing pink hoop earrings, red lipstick, and black headband is raising her hand

Look 2: Sporty & Casual

The great thing about the headband trend is it’s versatile enough to go with either low-key street style looks or upscale holiday party ensembles. This particular headband style is understated and simple–erring on the casual, everyday side. To nail this upscale sporty look, opt for a solid-colored elastic headband like the PINK PEWTER Wide Black Sports Wrap. It’s nothing fancy but still will elevate any hairstyle from basic to bomb. Pair it with your hair back in a messy top-knot or leave your hair down in loose, beachy waves–either way you’ll feel chic (and comfy and casual) all day. 

An image of a model wearing a white eyeliner look and a pearl-embellished headband

Look 3: Just Jewels

Princess vibes aren’t just reserved for royalty. In fact, anyone can wear this Meghan Markle-approved headband style. All it takes is a basic hairdo (a low ponytail or braids) combined with an embellished headband that’s studded with pearls, jewels, or another eye-catching embellishment. Take this gorgeous PINK PEWTER - Embroidered Hard Headband in silver, for example. It’s lined with crystals that will add just a hint of luminosity and sparkle to any hair look. And for a retro take on the beaded headband style, try this 20’s style PINK PEWTER Maeve - Style and Fasten band in gold. Classy and classic, it’ll go with anything.

A profile image of a smiling model wearing gemstone-studded, green velvet headband and pink hoop earrings

Look 4: That’s a Wrap…

If pearls, beads, and solid-colored bands don’t float your boat, the iconic wrap velvet headband just might. Great with long hair and short hair alike, it’s the beloved boho-chic version of the headband style, which means it’s all about the patterns. Go for a turban headband like BREAKUPS TO MAKEUP B2M x Sololi Collaboration Turban Hairband to give any hairdo an instant upgrade. Wear some gold hoops and funky dangly earrings to enhance the look. We guarantee you’ll feel totally laid-back with your hair pulled back in this wrap headband style. 


There’s no question about it: headbands are back and we’re here for it. Want in on all the Glam Bag fun? Take the beauty quiz now to get started. And don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Twitter @IPSY.

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Article Last Updated January 22, 2020 12:00 AM