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We’re Calling It! Green Nails Are About to Be Everywhere

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Our TikTok feeds haven’t been holding back on the nail ideas as of late. There was the return of the french manicure (this time in micro French manicure form), the milky manis we can’t stop DIYing, and we all remember the cultural zeitgeist that was the Hailey Bieber glazed donut manicure. But there’s one spring nail trend we’re currently obsessed with, and we know it’s going to be our go-to nail art of the spring and summer: Let us (re)introduce you to green nails.

Green nails have been all over our mood boards this year. In fact, our 2023 nail art trend roundup included two variations on green nails, including an earthy tone trend prediction and a kelly green jelly manicure. It’s even been seen on celebrities including Selena Gomez, Rihanna, and Kourtney Kardashian (more on those below!).

It’s time we all got on board with this emerging trend, and the best part is you customize it to your preference. They can come in both solid green nail polish for an understated look and green nail designs for something a little extra. You can DIY it at home, see a nail pro for next-level nail art, and even try it with gel nail polish for a longer-lasting finish. Ready to get in on the green nail trend? Here are 18 green nail ideas for your next manicure. Keep scrolling, and get ready to screenshot!

1. Blinding Green Nails

Leave it to Selena Gomez to introduce us to a neon manicure that doesn’t feel like we’re playing ‘80s dress-up. The lime green shade feels fun and festive yet elevated thanks to the mid length and soft, squoval tip. Pro tip: Most neon nail polish bottles that you pick up at your local beauty store will dry matte, so if you want a high-shine look like Gomez’s, created by nail legend Tom Bachik, make sure to pick up a mega-shine topcoat.

2. Sage Your Space

You might already be using dried sage to cleanse your home, but why not pull some inspo for your next nail appointment and go for a sage-green mani? To recreate the matte green swirl 3D design, opt for gel polish. This allows you to work on a completely cured (aka dry) base, and you have much more play time with the polish before it sets. Lay down a layer of a light green sage gel nail polish, cure it under an LED light, then use a small nail art brush to paint on the greens in the same light green shade.

3. Green French Nails

We love spicing up a classic French mani by adding in different colors instead of white. This pastel-green French mani is perfect for those who are classic and cute but want to show off a bit of their edge. To get the full effect of this French-inspired green swirl nail art design, you’ll want to start with extra long nails. Of course your natural nail will still look stunning, but using an acrylic nail or even press-ons will give you much more real estate for the light green color.

4. Green Ombré Nails

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Look, we know St. Patrick’s Day is only one day a year, but it doesn’t need to be a holiday to rock a bright green ombré mani. The colors (ranging from bright yellow to a bold kelly green) create a vivid gradient look that we love 365 days a year. Bonus points if you add a bit of metallic or green glitter to a nail to spice things up.

5. Witchy Vibes

Channel your inner wicked witch the way Kourtney Kardashian did with this iconic forest green mani. And yes, when you rock these dark green nails, you need rounded, pointy stiletto nails, too. We don’t make the rules!

6. Metallic Green Nails

Remember when Kourtney and Megan Fox were attached at the hip? We do! And in honor of BFFs everywhere, we included Megan’s take on the green nails trend. She went with a metallic finish to truly toughen up the neutral look.

7. ’90s Slime Green Nails

Celeb nail artist Britney Tokyo paid homage to the great decade that was the ’90s with these Nickelodeon-inspired slime nails. The added butterfly details make this design subtly sweet.

8. Green Enough to Eat

All of our favorite fruits are green—honeydew, grapes, and kiwis, anyone? Celebrate your love of all things juicy with a fruit-inspired mani using bright green as the base.

9. Green Under Tips

Painting the under tips of your nails is a fun way to showcase your personality and give your hands a little pizazz. Request bright green under a hot pink manicure and you’ll have a look as sweet as candy.

10. Fairy Garden Green Nails

If Thumbelina or FernGully was your favorite movie as a child, this set is calling your name. The whimsical green and butterfly designs will make you feel like you just set foot in the magical fairy garden of your dreams. Peek at these nails during a long day at work for a mini escape from your desk.

11. The Queen Has Spoken

Um, a world where there are entire Instagram pages dedicated to Rihanna’s nails is a world we want to live in. Check out this bright green nail look that anyone can achieve at home with a neon bottle and a shiny top coat.

12. Matte Green Nails

We aren’t here to knock on matte nails—we’re just giving you options! We love a matte green nail look to spice things up a bit. Use your accent nail to have some fun with a nature-inspired design.

13. Dripping Gold and Green Nails

Green is the color of money, so why not lean into the theme and add gold tips to symbolize even more riches? You can easily paint this design at home with a thin nail brush, your choice of a green shade, and metallic, glittery-gold polish.

14. Y2K Is Calling

The Y2K trend is here to stay. Show your love for the new millennium with these green French tips that are dotted with futuristic white designs to make you feel like you’re part of the cast of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.

15. Go Chrome or Go Home

Chrome has been trending since Hailey Bieber debuted her glazed donut nails last year. Update the trend for spring with this soft and subtle green chrome hue.

16. Money Moves Moon French

The best part of a French mani is that you can experiment with different tip shapes. This one features French tips that dip into a moon shape, which adds extra drama. The bright green chrome color is perfect for days spent lounging poolside under the sun.

17. Oil Spill Green Nails

If you’re the type who can’t commit to just one color (we feel you!), opt for this fun oil spill look that utilizes green and purple chrome colors that blend together flawlessly.

18. Rainbow Connection

Kermit the Frog used to sing the song “Rainbow Connection,” and this frog and rainbow-inspired mani is the perfect homage to our favorite Muppet. Use your accent nail to feature a fun rainbow design that’s perfectly complemented by the bright green hue on the rest of the nails.

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